Welcome to truly linda.

Everyone has a story. Mine has been in the making for the last 30+ years.  No, I am not ashamed to say that I am 55 years old.  My purpose for jumping head first into this brave new world (it is for me!) of cyberspace is to share my journey to finding self-worth and learning to love and accept me in the process.

I’ve chosen this name because truly is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as being authentic and  Linda translates from Spanish as Bella or beautiful.

I believe every woman desires to be authentically beautiful from the inside out just as God created us.  But life happens.  We slowly fade into being someone other than ourselves.  Perhaps to please others.  Maybe to cope or just survive.  We look in the mirror and don’t even recognize the image staring back anymore.

Follow my journey.  See if you find yourself in any of my story.  And please share.  

We are all fellow travelers on this road called life.  Although we can’t fix anyone except ourselves, sometimes we just need someone to stand with us in our puddle after a storm.